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Campanie anti-NATO Belgrad 13-15 iunie 2011

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Protest name: Anti – NATO campaign
Location: Belgrade, Sava Centar, conference and cultural center
Date and Start Time: 12th June at 18 p.m.
Fight against: The biggest strategic NATO Conference planned to be held in Belgrade; from 13th June till 15th June.

Protest was peaceful, with two hundred of Belgrade citizens where present. Protesters were surrounded with several hundred police officers.

For now we can announce for sure that at least seven, peaceful and nonviolent demonstrators were arrested. As far as we know two of them are being held in police station “29. November” (street address Despota Stefana 29), rest of them are at New Belgrade (Novi Beograd) police station.

Police department refuse to give us any kind of information about the arrested, the only information have been provided by lawyer – State and police intend to go for an instant judge and to accuse them for “Obstruction of an official in discharge of duties” and for “Disturbing public order and safety”. Which would mean that arrested would not have even opportunity to have fair trial, they won’t be able to show any evidence material in their defense. In other words any video footage and photos of arrest on which it is very clear that there was no interference in duties of members of police order and any kind of violent behavior. As situation can’t be much worse than this; They even won’t be able to call witnesses to make a statement in their defense, who would clearly state that their were not any violent or aggressive behavior.

To have a view on a protest photos please visit following link:…

Less than 30 minutes ago parents and friends of the arrested visited building of television station B92, as next logical solution in a search for any information about their childes and beloved ones. They hoped to get same info or even made announcement for the press, but their were just ejected from the building by police; not security; and police forces told them that they have nothing to do hear and anything to ask for.When we have new information we will notify you,
In the meantime, we invite you to help us by informing international the media, or by helping in some other way.

Anti-NATO campaign